The New Departments


The Nastroism is the spiritual text at the base of its namesake faith. I discovered through alpha-wave meditation that I, Morgan Hamilton, will found a church in 2388 at the heart of the center of our Universe, Kennedy Center, in the canaveral of the old kingdom of Florida. The text is 113 pages long and covers the time from when the Prophet Alan Shepard created the path to the celestial vault to just passed the Second Utopia of the nation of Earth. Nastroism is a world-wide faith by 2289, and the First Church of the Ascension was established in the Shepard's canaveral. A hundred years later, my future self becomes a Hamilton in the Order of the Senders and founds The Church of Our Humyn of the Ascension. In my present life, however, I must begin the preparations for humynity to accept the inevitable future that awaits us within the pages of The Nastroism.


The Church of Our Humyn of the Ascension is located in the Launch Annex of the Kennedy Center, the center of our Universe. It is the historic site where thousands watched the Shepard and his followers enter the realm above. We here at the church have a view out toward the ancient launch platform, which is surrounded by the Shepard's canaveral. Our church has the hightest concentration of religious relics, with items dating back four hundred years.


The Scripture Locket was designed and created by A.C. Clarke of Jaypee-L city in the old country of South California, the ancient kingdom of the United States of America. Clarke was a metallurgical analyzer and created this locket from what remained of the last engine made before the celestial tower rendered explosive rocket drives useless. It was passed, hand-to-hand along the Sojourner's Pilgrimage. Down the miles, the families that carried it addd their stories and pages to the body of The Nastroism. By the time it arrived at the Kennedy Center, the center of our Universe, it was filled with the completed text of The Nastroism.


This piece was created for and donated to Sender Hamilton specifically, who has given it to The Church of Our Humyn of the Ascension. It is a large metal box which articulates on its central horizontal axis, It has handles for portability, and was made by artist Davith Goodheart while on pilgrimage to Kennedy Center.


This relic was passed down to the Church of the Our Humyn of the Ascension by somewhat mysterious means. It is an alpha-wave Error Log which houses an astronauts glove. The glove is believed the have belonged to Astropostle Sally Ride, making this piece invaluable.


The Nastroism, though originally an amalgam of papers, cloths, sheets, and barks with the story of Nastroism, it has been put back into wide publication by The Church of Our Humyn of the Ascension. It is available on their website, and all proceeds will be donated to charities across the nation of Earth to complete the revitalization of our one planet. Sender Hamilton, the leader of the church, is an expert and scholar on the original texts of The Nastroism, and even led the charge to organize it into Documents.