1 THERE was no beginning as there will be no end. The Universe is a mobius strip of energy; when it reaches an implosion, verily an end, it will be ejected to the other side, verily a beginning, in what was once naively called a bigbang.

2 WHEN the current Universe came through the implosion of a previous one, it expanded and has not stopped. It has increased in size and speed. The transfer of movement and energy was sufficient enough to pool in gravity wells, enough of these pools converged to form superclusters; galaxies within them, stars within them, solar systems within them. The Sol system formed on an outer arm of a spiral galaxy known to humyns as Via Lactea.

3 SOL is the single most important star in Via Lactea, and very possibly the Universe. It started a collection of planets, each of which would play important roles in fostering humynity on Sol's third planet, Earth. Earth is the single most important planet in the system, and very possibly Via Lactea. Earth created life, and life created humyns. Humyns are the sole species whose great responsibility it is to impregnate celestial bodies with life, and to care for and nurture life on their planet.

4 HUMYNS observed the anatomical advancements of other species for inspiration of improvement upon their own. They learned to cultivate the earth and its fauna. They learned to cultivate each other as well. They worked and traded flesh, both animal and humyn, until their wealth of coin was equal to their poverty of soul. Capitalism was the faith of some and the fate of all. The social systems had delivered chaos to an immature species.

5 LIKE the spiral of Via Lactea demonstrates, revolution never stops. Humyns through time overthrew the wrong, and wave by wave, wore away the stubborn coast of injustice. Utopia was created in the Late Era by The National Aeronautics and Space Administration until it was taken away by Hurricane Magda in The Shepard's Year Two One Eight Eight.

6 IT is Humyn responsibility to leave Earth and join its brethren in the celestial vault, eighty and four tenths kilometers zenith at ocean's edge.

7 The Shepard ascended into the celestial vault and joined the space between stars and planets. He became a spiritual entity the moment he unfastened his tether to Earth. He was the first Humyn to enter the realm above.

8 Men followed the Shepard, these men were his Astropostles. They carried the message of their leader and followed his path into the celestial vault, themselves becoming spiritual entities. Their mission, named Mercury, was to spread the word of the uplifted one. The messenger to follow the Shepard's path soonest was Astropostle Grissom. He was the second Humyn to enter the realm above.

9 A man took the Shepard's message and elaborated upon it in hopes that the Shepard would be pleased. Astropostle Glenn followed the path to the celestial vault, and once there, swung around the circumference of the Earth, and then reentered. Astropostle Glenn was the third Humyn to enter the realm above.

10 So inspired by his fellow messengers, Astropostle Carpenter expounded upon the previous feat and encircled the Earth thrice before reentering. This pleased the Shepard very much, and Astropostle Carpenter was the fourth man to enter the realm above.

11 In a move of little originality, Astropostle Schirra followed the path into the celestial vault, and haloed the Earth six full cycles before reentering, but the Shepard became bored with the messenger's orbits. With little accolade, Astropostle Schirra became the fifth man to enter the realm above.

12 Noting his predecessor's shortcomings, Astropostle Cooper planned an extraordinary feat hoping to reinvigorate the Shepard's faith in his followers. He followed the path into the celestial vault and remained there, hovering above the atmosphere, for one whole day and ten hours. He reentered, landing in the Pacific Ocean, to much applause. Astropostle Cooper became the sixth man to enter the realm above.

13 The Shepard smiled upon him and his fellow messengers, and said unto them:

14 "My fellow messengers, I see that it is good that we all have followed the path into the celestial vault, and performed many feats while there. I have been inspired by your loyalty, and will give to you each as gifts eternal rewards. Want not in this time of hardship, and follow not the false prophet Yuri Gagarin of the East, he will lead you down a dark path from which you may not return. I am the first spiritual entity, brought forth from the forge of NASA, and I will deliver unto you my words and wisdoms. Take these messages and send them far and wide so we may too inspire others to join us in the realm above."

The Shepard Sets the Path to the Celesial Vault. [Ascension:7]


1 IN THE TIME of Prophet Shepard there were many governments and bodies politic that pulled humynity one way and the other. The Shepard was born in the kingdom of the United States of America. His country of New Hampshire raised him to be a good, honest man.

2 He was ranked within the Navy of his country and justly served to protect his world from evil. Shortly after he joined, the War of Wars ended. He walked a destroyed planet and knew change had to come.

3 When war offices were no longer necessary, they began the transition to peace time facilities, one of which began as the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. This council of elders oversaw the development of rockets during the war, and found little inspiration once demilitarized.

44In a show of belligerence and bravado The Russ in the East launched an artificial satellite into orbit called Sputnik. This single orb would throw Shepard's country into panic during the fallout of the War of Wars. The succession of presiders was such that after twenty years of democrats the Shepard's nation demanded a Republican general during such uncertain times. Presider Eisenhower saw The Russ advance and decidedly challenged it.

5 He strengthened the resolve of NACA and verily signed into law The National Aeronautics and Space Administration in The Shepard's Year One Nine Five Eight. The Eisenhower Vision begat a new understanding of our role within the cosmos. The holy text of The NASA Action was handed down to the people, and The Shepard saw that it was good.

6 Presider Eisenhower was the lord of all of the United States. He was a good and noble ruler who understood his people and the role humynity will play in Earth's future.

7 His virtue is of irony, and though a man of high status in the American military, he became a civil servant while Presider, championing the commonperson. He left his post as ruler with a stern warning of unlimited military spending, stating:

8 "We face a hostile ideology global in scope, atheistic in character, ruthless in purpose and insidious in method. . . we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military–industrial complex."

9His character indeed inspired the goodness in the Shepard, and gave to Humynity a noble prophet, the likes of which Earth has never before seen.

10 The Shepard flew several thousand hours above his great land, and believed it would be the promised land for all of Earth's people. But he knew there would be a time when this land will no longer be enough. If ever there should be a day when his people should leave, the Shepard would be there to guide them, across the threshold of one earth gravity and into the celestial vault.

11 The good Presider Eisenhower left his office to become a commonperson, he tilled his field and cultivated his garden. When one leader exits, another must enter. The next great leader took the Eisenhower Vision and broadened its scope. He enlisted every living man and womyn to get his people not only into the celestial vault, but to Earth's satellite. He was the great Presider Kennedy.

12 The Shepard knew his message had to reach far and wide, and this opportunity to take it beyond his planetary binds and to the sole slave of Earth's gravity was a miraculous endeavor. He saw that this plan was good.

13 Presider Kennedy talked to his people like they were his brother and sister, like friend and neighbor. He entranced his people with the smoothness of his youth and made them believe in themselves. This man would take humynity to the moon not because it was easy, but because it was hard. Never was a Presider so loved and so mourned since FDR.

14 In the cold heart of the land of Texas, Presider Kennedy met his death in the town of Dallas. Several assassins pulled their triggers in Dealy Plaza and extinguished the bright light and inspiration of the Young Presider.

15 Under the supervision of The First Lady, LBJ took his oath of office to uphold and to defend the constitution of the people. He administered Presider Kennedy's vision, and Eisenhower's before his. Humynity belongs in space, to forever follow the path of the Shepard into the celestial vault.

16 The Shepard mourned his fallen leader. He swore to take with him when he perishes the Presider's name to the Celestial Temple where he would laud the Presider for his sacrifice. A somberness fell over the land, a new leader took his throne, the Race for Space was for the Americans to win, and the Shepard saw that his kingdom was good.

Presider Eisenhower Who Sealed The Fate Of Humynity's Future. [NASA:5]


1 IN THE TIME of the Shepard, many men and womyn worked on the singular goal of following the Shepard's path into the celestial vault. At this time only a small cadre of men had done so.

2 After the epoch of the Prophet and the five Messengers came a time of humyn dynamism. The Twins of the Gemini would walk the path to the celestial vault and mark a new era in humyn ascension.

3 The Geminis would exalt the name of the Shepard and enter the realm above, arms linked, in a show of humyn solidarity.

4 In an act of piety, and to usher in the new generation, Messenger Grissom, the second man to enter the realm above, joined Twin Young in following the Shepard's path to the celestial vault.

5 The two, hand in hand, reenacted Messenger Carpenter's three Earth orbits before reentering. The world was alight with inspiration, and the Shepard knew a new age dawned.

6 When it was thought the height of humynity's relevance in space was achieved, the next Gemini journey took Twin McDivitt and Twin White to the realm above. Once there, the Twins sealed their suits, and White opened the hatch to their spiritual vehicle. The world held its breath as the first humyn was about to take his first step into the celestial vault.

7 Twin White stepped outside, tethered to his survival by a thin tube, like child to mother, and felt the vacuum unencumbered for the first time. After twenty two minutes of seeing the stars and feeling the sun's unfiltered rays, he returned to the spiritual vehicle, and the Twins returned to Earth. The Shepard was pleased.

8 The stage was set for even more extraordinary feats to be completed by humynity in order to please the Shepard. The Gemini sojourns truly represented humynity's finest hour. The Shepard looked on his people and knew they were knocking on the door to Utopia.

9 He said to his fellows, "It is time that we leave behind our nuclear problems, our kingdom borders, our racial chasms. We can replace our broken faiths with the word of Eisenhower in the NASA Action. Look to the book for your answers, as all who have followed my path into the celestial vault have. Put down your weapons and pick up your pens, we will write ourselves into the twenty-first century with science, logic,creativity, and faith."

10 The speech inspired the masses, almost overnight the world began to worship Trigonometry and left behind Deuteronomy. They praised the Law of Evolution and left behind Creation sciences. They upheld humyn equality and left behind political slavery. The world was becoming a whole as the Geminis followed the Shepard's path to the celestial vault.

11 Messenger Cooper saw Messenger Grissom's act of piety and good will and wished to continue the message. He joined Twin Conrad and became a Gemini in order to follow the Shepard's path to the celestial vault.

12 Messenger Cooper and Twin Conrad, in an ode to the Messenger's first sojourn, multiplied his previous feat by seven, and remained in the realm above for one week.

13 The Shepard knew this was an important step to moving humynity from Earth to the realm above because it proved that we could sustain our lives in space indefinitely. The Shepard was pleased.

14 The Geminis captured the world's imagination, but especially that of the Shepard's. The Shepard was visiting a man and a womyn and found his friends to be skeptics of the Gemini sojourns. The Shepard balked at their indigence, and told them that humyns lived in space for a week. His friends said,

15 "If they lived there for a week with no danger to life or limb, then they will stay there for two weeks."

16 The Shepard did not hesitate, he said,

17 "Twins stayed in the realm above for one week, and there they shall remain for two."

18 The friends of the Shepard finished their Tang with smug confidence.

19 Twins Borman and Lovell soon after followed the Shepard's path to the celestial vault and remained there for two weeks, without danger to life or limb. The Shepard was pleased that they made good on his statement. He approached the Twins and said,

20 "You Twins have given the Gemini a good name, what's more you have convinced skeptic hearts with your sojourn. I will reward you very soon for your loyalty and piety. You two will see a side of our Universe no other humyn has seen."

21 The Twins thanked their prophet, and with that the Shepard held onto Twin Lovell, and said to him,

22 "Twin Lovell, though I will bestow upon you a wonderful sight, I see troubles in your future. I could clear your path of obstacles, however what you will learn and teach from this imminent dilemma will inspire our people for generations. Do not fear it, for in the moment you will not know it's happening. Be strong and have faith in me."

23 Twin Lovell took the Shepard's words with gravity and left the prophet.

24 The Geminis became many over the time of the One Nine Sixties. Following the Shepard's path to the celestial vault had become routine. The Shepard knew that attention and excitement would wane, however it was all in his plan to emigrate humynity into the realm above. When humynity was used to being in the realm above, humynity would transcend its Earthly origins once and for all.

25 Messenger Schirra followed in his brothers' footsteps and joined Twin Stafford on a path to the celestial vault. They rendezvoused with a celestial object and maintained geosynchronous orbit with it. This stationary dance high above the Shepard's head pleased him very much.

26 Twins of Gemini Armstrong and Scott wanted to venerate the Shepard in a similar fashion to Messenger Schirra and Twin Stafford. So during their sojourn to the celestial vault, they not only rendezvoused with the celestial object, but docked with it as well. Never before had a Twin of Gemini nor Messenger of Mercury made contact with a celestial object.

27 Many people on Earth took offense to such a bold move, however the Shepard looked up and saw that it was good, he spoke:

28 "My fellows, it is a good thing to look up into the realm above and see two of our own make contact with a celestial object. When we ascend into the realm above, we will all make contact with celestial objects, either spiritually or physically. They are there in the celestial vault for us to use as we see fit. Make peace with this act of piety, and welcome Twins Armstrong and Scott home with love and respect."

29 The Earthlings heard the words of the Shepard and believed him. For some it took faith, for others it took courage, but the people of Earth accepted the new way of things in the realm above.

30 In the warm months of summer, both Twins and Messengers joined forces to enact a series of acrobatic orbital maneuvers. Twins Stafford and Cernan, Twins Young and Collins, Twins Conrad and Gordon, Twins Lovell and Aldrin followed the Shepard's path to the celestial vault to prove humynity could operate with as much grace and dexterity in the realm above as in one Earth gravity. The Shepard was pleased. His vision of humynity's role in space was solidifying, and the promises of the time ahead were coming within reach. With that dream becoming a reality, the time of the Twins of Gemini was setting with the sun over the western horizon.

Twin White Performing Feat of Piety With the First Walk Into the Celestial Vault. [Gemini:7]


1 IN THE TIME of the Prophet Shepard the faith in humynity soared high into the stratosphere, looking the black void of space in the eye with determination.

2 The Messengers of Mercury and Twins of Gemini marked the Old Era, but it was time for a New Era. The enumerated pilgrims who followed the Shepard's path to the celestial vault set their eyes on new challenges, and even more miraculous feats of piety to please the Shepard, and to carry out his will to move humynity into space.

3 The Messengers and Twins transcended their old roles and became citizens of the Solar System when they formed their new fellowship as the Sons of Apollo.

4 It was announced that the Sons of Apollo would honor the Shepard's path to the celestial vault and leave Earth and its orbit behind; to step foot on the moon and claim it as the celestial temple of all of humynity.

5 The Shepard was pleased, and for the first time since he struck the path to the celestial vault, he was determined to join his Astropostles in their lofty goals. The Messengers and Twins were exalted in their leader's humbleness in desiring to join their endeavors.

6 The kingdom had cycled through its faithful leaders two turns since the beloved Kennedy set the goal of retrieving the silver mother in Earth's sky, and three times since The Eisenhower established his vision for the people of Earth.

7 The Shepard called on Presider Nixon to assure the Astropostles that they would have access to every Earthly resource. The Nixon acquiesced and assured the people of his kingdom that the Shepard and his Astropostles would be well taken care of.

8 With assurances made, the Shepard said,

9 "My fellows, We see the moon hover in the celestial vault, however it has always been so far away. I believe now is the time that the Sons of Apollo will shorten that distance forever. The moon will belong to humynity, finally."

10 The Earthlings erupted in ecstasy at this news, and all faith on Earth was directed at the Sons of Apollo. The newly formed order of spiritual entities will leave Earth long behind, and play among the dusty hills of Luna.

11 Just as all of humynity was jubilant in their celebrations, a great sacrifice darkened the days of Apollo. Sons Grissom, White and Chaffee gave their life to the pursuit of discovery, and to prove that not all paths to the celestial vault can be finished.

12 The Shepard cried tears into the dirt surrounding the Spiritual Complex in the country of Florida. His tears followed tears and he cried uncontrollably for the loss of his brothers . The tears started as a trickle, then pooled at the Shepard's knees, then flowed away from him down a small hill. The stream turned into a creek, which turned into an inlet, and then into a river which cleaved the land mass in twain on the edge of the country of Florida. Where once a solid continent met the Atlantic Ocean, now an Island stands in memoriam to the lost Sons.

13 The island was dubbed Canaveral for the bitter sweet morass the Shepard's sadness created. His tears met the salty ocean, and the sugar cane grew to console the bereaved visitor.

14 The Shepard said,

15 "I have cried until the land beneath me changed. That is when I knew we must continue forward, always looking up, never down. For down is the world we have already conquered, we must remember that our place is in the realm above. Join me, for I will be going farther than even the moon in life, and farther still in death.&1uot;

16 The Earthlings wiped their tears, and the Sons of Apollo returned reinvigorated to achieve their goals. To honor their fallen twins, the Sons traveled as triplets. This formed a bond between the spiritual entities and showed an example of unified strength for all of humyn kind.

17 The first triplets to leave Earth as Sons of Apollo were Schirra, Eisele, and Cunningham. The triplets honored the Shepard by sending the first visual communication of their feat back to Earth for all of humynity to see.

18 The second set of triplets included the dichotomic Lovell, Borman, and Anders. The prophecy leveled on Lovell by the Shepard weighed heavy. Son Lovell never forgot those fateful words spoken by the Prophet to him, decrying that he will witness a sight never seen, yet face many challenges in his spiritual life ahead. The triplets were the first to visit the moon's orbit, and the only humyns to see the dark side. Lovell cried as he relished in the blessed part of his prophecy, and mourned the cursed what is to come.

19 McDivitt, Scott and Schweickert were the first triplets to secure a safe celestial vehicle capable of traveling to the lunar surface.

20 In what was dubbed the Kissing of the Celestial Temple, Triplets Stafford, Young, and Cernan flew a celestial vehicle to the Moon, and got as close to its surface without landing as humynly possible. They returned, and the Shepard knew humynity was ready to travel to the celestial temple, and land there.

21 The Sons of Apollo Armstrong, Collins, and Aldrin were the first humyns to ever step foot on the moon. Armstrong sent a visual communication to Earth of his amazing feat of piety. Son Armstrong said,

22 "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."

23 The Earth and its people rejoiced in the good tidings this feat brought forth. The Shepard saw that humyns followed his path into the celestial vault, and once there, carried on the celestial temple, and set foot there. He looked on his people and saw that the world was good. Humynity was ready to leave its home planet.

Son of Apollo Aldrin On The Surface of the Moon. [Apollo:21]


1 IN THE TIME after the exuberant Apollo sojourns, the Sons of Apollo fractured under the pressures created by following the Shepard's path to the celestial vault.

2 The Shepard tried to keep the brothers united, however the sojourns became fraught with issues and errors. Some caused by extrinsic woes, others by intrinsic worries. The Shepard was concerned for humynity's future. He knew the mindset of these Astropostles were different, he dubbed this new generation the Sons of Diana.

3 The triplets Conrad, Gordon, and Bean saw many bad omens on their path to the celestial temple. Lightning strikes and celestial vehicle malfunctions did not bode well for them, however they completed their trip and returned to Earth. The Shepard was relieved.

4 The Shepard called on triplets Lovell, Swigert, and Haise to take the journey next. Once called upon, Lovell approached the Shepard and said,

5 "Shepard, I know that it is good, and it is a great honor to be chosen by you to return to the moon, what's more to land upon it, however I have not seen the second half of your prophecy and I fear it lies on my path to the celestial temple."

6 The Prophet Shepard heard his brother's concern and assured him:

7 "I know it is not an easy path to follow into the celestial vault, and beyond to the temple, but you must have faith in me and in the sojourn. The world and its people will learn from you, and you will not be forgotten."

8 With trepidation, the triplets entered the realm above and carried on to land upon the surface of the celestial temple. Along the way, an explosion rocked their celestial vehicle, and the triplets saw doom. They were no longer able to carry their air, and it was becoming hard to breathe. They knew they would die before they would reach the temple. Lovell told his brothers:

9 "I am sorry my brothers of Diana, I should have told you before we left Earth. The Shepard prophesied that I would face a major obstacle in this life; I said nothing and now you two must face it with me."

10 The two brothers considered this and replied:

11 "Brother Lovell, do not take upon you solely this burden we shall face. It is not the fault of humynity that we should meet our end on the surface of the Moon. Instead we should rejoice that we will be the first humyns to end their lives in the celestial vault! What better way to die could there possibly be? The Shepard should be pleased!"

12 The Triplets rejoiced in their new perspectives along the way to the celestial temple and made peace with their demise.

13 The Shepard heard their laughs and knew their loyalties were tested to the limit. The Shepard called to them and informed them how they might fix their air problem.

14 The Triplets fixed their celestial vehicle and swung around the moon to return to Earth. Lovell never thought he would be the first person to see the forbidden side of the moon twice, yet he was pleased with his renewed life.

15 When the Sons of Diana Lovell, Swigert, and Haise returned to Earth alive, they were greeted with ambivalence by Earthlings. Yes, they had survived a surely doomed sojourn, however, it called on the fears left over from Grissom's, White's, and Chaffee's sacrifices. Humynity became tormented by the desire to visit the stars, and the fear of dying amongst them.

16 The Shepard understood the torn emotions of his people and said,

17 "My fellows, I know it is hard to leave the comforts of Earth and to enter the realm above, but humyn after humyn has proved it is a good path and a safe one. We must always sacrifice if we are to advance as a people, accidents will happen along the way. But let us rejoice that we are not perfect. I will reassure you all with my second sojourn. I will follow my own path into the celestial vault, and on to the celestial temple. I will see with my eyes what Earth looks like from the surface of another world. Watch as I return to you all and live out my life on Earth."

18 Even the hard hearted skeptics saw this as an uplifting gesture. The Earth had renewed its faith, and awaited the Sons of Diana to return to the celestial temple.

19 The Shepard and brothers Roosa and Mitchell made the ninth triplet set to follow the path to the celestial vault and on to the celestial temple.

20 Despite problems with their celestial vehicle, the triplets remained faithful and loyal to the path. They landed safely on the surface of the moon and remained there. They performed the first visual communication in color with Earth, portraying an even closer likeness of the celestial temple. The Shepard connected with the people of Earthy by performing a sports act, engaging a whole new generation of followers of his path.

21 The Shepard and his brothers returned to Earth, and the sojourns to the moon continued on. Even though his trip reinvigorated the faithful, it didn't have as much impact as he had hoped on the faithless. He was still in the time of the Sons of Diana, and feared it would not end soon enough.

22 The next sets of triplets all encountered technical malfunctions of the celestial vehicles, and the people of Earth began to lose interest as a dark age came over humynity.

23 The Earthlings called the sojourns of triplets Scott, Worden, Irwin; and Young, Mattingly, and Duke "gimmicky". Some of humynity believed the Prophet Shepard was losing his appeal, and was fighting to keep his faith among his followers.

24 To this the Shepard replied,

25 "To the faithless and faithful alike, there is nothing I fear on this Earth nor in life. I left the grasp of our world and created a path to the celestial vault. I followed my own path back to the celestial vault, and on to the celestial temple where I landed and made Technicolor contact with humynity. I have inspired Astropostles to carry out my will, and to continue my work in getting humynity into the solar system and beyond. The Sons of Apollo and of Diana will end the New Era with a final flight to the surface of the Moon, until we return there as an entire race."

26 The last flight to the moon included triplets Cernan, Evans, and Schmitt. They had a sombre sojourn, knowing it was the last time in their lives that a humyn would walk the surface of the celestial temple.

The Damaged Celestial Vehicle of Triplets Lovell, Swigert, and Haise. [Diana:8]


1 IN THE TIME of the Shepard, humynity became comfortable with the idea of going to the realm above. The sojourns of the Astropostles of Mercury, Gemini, and Sons of Apollo and Diana readied the humyn race for what was to come.

2 The Shepard knew that attention would wane in the coming generations due to this exposure, but it was in his plan.

3 He designed a spiritual vehicle that would amaze his fellow humyns. Wrought from the depths of science and faith, the Spiritual Shuttle came to be.

4 The Shepard knew this would not only get humynity into the realm above, but keep them there. This was an essential breakthrough in his plan which surprised billions.

5 The Shepard said,

6 "My fellows, I have made good on my promise to get more of humynity to follow my path to the celestial vault. However, I will need more brave humyns than ever before to do my will. Come forth from all over the kingdoms of Earth and join my siblings in the realm above. You will spend your time not performing feats of piety, for my time in this life is ending, but instead ready the humyn condition for the miracles of microgravity, change the minds of the faithless, and educate the ignorant. The Spiritual Shuttle will take humynity to the celestial vault for longer sojourns than ever before, and will bring them back to earth. After sufficient beatifying, the shuttle shall return to the realm above with another crew of sojourners."

7 The enchanted Earthlings and the faithful took the Shepard's plans and created the first Spiritual Shuttle, Columbia. It was a monument in black and white, honoring the Apollo spiritual vehicles.

8 The Spiritual Shuttle was an inspired design, the Shepard provided well for his people. Two ivory obelisks flanked the sides of a golden central tower. So large was the stack, many who first glimpsed it on the horizon of Cape Canaveral believed it to be a city. Placed like a diamond in the center, ever looking upward, was Columbia. It was a sight to behold and millions came from all over the kingdom to see the mighty vehicle break free of its tether to Earth and follow the Shepard's path into the celestial vault.

9 Columbia whistled and steamed and billowed cryogenic gases as it chomped at the bit to launch humynity's desires into the realm above. With the spectators gathered, Columbia nestled its humyn passengers as the countdown boomed over the land and seas.

10 In an incandescent spree of other-worldy fire and smoke, the din of launch crushed the ears of all who had gathered, and lurched from the ground of Kennedy Center. The Spiritual Shuttle forced its way on a spike of smoke and fire beyond the sight of humynity.

11 The ivory towers toppled over and the golden trunk carried the diamond beyond the Earth's atmosphere. It fell away, leaving the gleaming gem of humyn faith and hope left to glisten amongst the stars in the realm above.

12 A new age of departure had come to humynity, and the Shepard saw that it was good. He said,

13 "Never again will following my path into the celestial vault be a feat. It will from now on be a pilgrimage that all humynity will take into the realm above. Have faith in me and in the world we have created, like a child, we have reared it to maturity, like parents, we must leave it for it to come into its own. We have begun our collective ascension, and though wrought with hardships is our path ahead, it will always be aimed towards the stars."

14 This message rippled through the minds of humyns across Earth, and though some were reluctant, many were ecstatic. The Shepard had always made good on his promises.

15 Columbia carried out a life of distinguishing accomplishments. It and its crews inaugurated the Spiritual Shuttle's era of humyn sojourns to the celestial vault. It ultimately became the sole Spiritual Shuttle responsible for the predecessor to a permanent humyn presence in the celestial vault. That forebear was dubbed Spacelab, it orbited Earth at a constant altitude and carried out the first experiments of furthering humynity's role in the celestial vault.

16 The Shepard saw that Columbia was an important step in the direction of completing his vision for humynity. However, in his time left in life, he felt he could do more.

17 He and the people of Earth created a twin of the Spiritual Shuttle Columbia, they called it Challenger.

18 This sibling would perform even more miraculous sojourns to the realm above. Challenger would introduce the superior sex to the celestial vault. Always men and their haphazard attitudes toward survival allowed them to follow the Shepard's path to the celestial vault.

19 The only womyn to join the canon of Astropostles rode Challenger on the path to the celestial vault and became a spiritual entity. Astropostle Sally Ride became the first womyn to enter the realm above.

20 The Prophet Shepard had lofty goals for Challenger. He wanted it to be the Flagship sibling of the Spiritual Shuttles, and so it was for its short time, servicing the path to the celestial vault.

21 It carried humynity into the realm above, and humynity carried myriad satellites in the belly of Challenger. These celestial objects made it possible to view Earth and the cosmos, and to transmit this information to Earthlings across the planet's surface. For the first time, the Shepard's people saw what the crews of the Spiritual Shuttles, and verily the Astropostles before them, saw.

Spiritual Shuttle Columbia Awaiting Its Fate To Sever Its Binds To Earth [Shuttle:9]


1 The Shepard had a plan to send the first commonwomyn of Earth into the realm above. He wanted someone meek and humble, someone whose connection to the people around hyr was strong and trusted. He contemplated who this person could be, and he found hyr in the land from whence he came. A small country in the kingdom of the United States of America: New Hampshire.

2 The Shepard walked his old trails and visited his homeland with much ado. Many people sought to praise him and touch the hem of his metallic jumper. He said unto the people of the country of New Hampshire,

3 "My fellows, I am not here to accept your praise and prayers, though welcome and appreciated they are. No, I am here to find a commonwomyn of this land, a school teacher. I ask you all to look within yourselves, and the one who is brave and noble and true, come forth."

4 A hush spilled over the crowd. Confused looks passed amongst the mass. Several strong womyn came forth to the feet of the Shepard, but none could answer his question to satisfaction.

5 Finally, a womyn small in stature but grand in spirit came to his feet. The Prophet Shepard looked hyr in hyr eyes and asked,

6 "Were you to follow my path to the celestial vault and into the realm above, knowing that you could never return, would you follow it?"

7 The womyn absorbed this cryptic question, and in less than one turn of the clock's hand spoke,

8 "If knowing I would remain in the realm above for the rest of my life, I would follow your path into the celestial vault."

9 The Shepard smiled at hyr and looked over the gathered people of Earth. Before he could speak, shi coughed for his attention. Shi said,

10 "On one condition, your spiritual one."

11 The Prophet had never been given an ultimatum before. He had demanded of Presiders of this kingdom before! Who is this commonwomyn to ask something of him? Pride swept aside, he asked,

12 "What is your condition, my fellow?"

13 The womyn stood up and looked him level in the eye and spoke,

14 "That every child of every school on our world watch and learn from my sojourn. I will not go into the realm above without a lesson for those left below."

15 A tear beaded at the corner of the Shepard's eye, and he placed his hand on hyr shoulder. With a swift move, he turned hyr to face the millions gathered in the land of New Hampshire. His voice boomed,

16 "The commonwomyn has come forth, let hyr exemplify my vision, that all humyns of all generations belong in the realm above."

17 He looked to the commonwomyn and asked hyr name. Shi replied,

18 "Christa McAullife"

19 The Shepard took hyr to the sacred land of Cape Canaveral and showed hyr the ways of the Astropostles and sojourners to the celestial vault. Shi was happy, and shi became one of them.

20 When it came time to launch the Spiritual Shuttle Challenger on the path to the celestial vault, much anticipation vibrated across the lands and seas of Earth. The people hummed with excitement. The whole world watched as one of their own joined the siblinghood of the Astropostles.

21 Seventy Four seconds after the spark and cacophony of lift-off shook the Earth-bound spectators, fire consumed the Spiritual Shuttle and divided it into parts that would shower the surface of the Atlantic ocean.

22 The Shepard watched as his exalted fellows joined the waters he created only decades earlier from the loss of the first Sons of Apollo. He moaned for the second time the path to the celestial vault began and didn't finish.

23 The people of Earth looked to the Shepard and felt betrayed. They shouted,

24 "You chose one of us, and now shi is lost to the sea, shi and hyr crew broke the path to the celestial vault! They were denied the realm above. Is this what is to come for the rest of us?"

25 The Shepard, though sorrowful, assured the masses that hyr sacrifice was preordained. Shi agreed to follow the path to the celestial vault regardless of the risk of life.

26 Barely assuaged, the Earthlings returned to their lives, embittered by the accident.

27 The Shepard returned to the shore he created and sat at the edge of the Canaveral. He tasted the salty river of tears he shed for the Sons of Apollo, and felt he had hardened since then. He asked,

28 "I look up into the realm above and ask why now my tears do not flow? What is it I am to take away from this lack? I know the commonwomyn agreed, but did I betray hyr faith?"

29 No reply came to the rescue of the Shepard's soul, as none ever has. He looked to the saltmarsh before him and plucked a cane of sugar. He vowed to carry it on him at all times to honor the lost crew, and the commonwomyn of Challenger's last sojourn. The Shepard was ne'er heard from for two years.

The Common Womyn Christa McCaullife [Commonwomyn: 26]


1 In an act of defiance, and to coax the Shepard out of his years of hiding, the people of the country of Florida constructed three Spiritual Shuttles based on the original plans the Shepard passed down.

2 Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavor completed the fleet of Spiritual Shuttles. Humynity, by their own volition, created the sister shuttles to please the Shepard and return him to his rightful place as leader of all humynity.

3 The Shepard got word of the new siblings of Columbia and Challenger, and returned to Kennedy Center to praise the Spiritual Shuttles. Men and womyn came from kingdoms far and wide to work with the newcomers, and the Shepard saw that it was good. He spoke,

4 "It is time, my fellows, for Humynity to follow my path to the celestial vault, and to remain there in the realm above. We shall build and go to a celestial station that will always gaze down on our home planet. It will be made by every kingdom on Earth, and it will be populated by countrymen who renounce their nationalities to become humyns of the realm. Let us build this celestial station and live out our lives there."

5 Humynity, shaken out of their dark stupor of the loss of Challenger, came together and carried out the Shepard's new vision.

6 The three siblings of Columbia and Challenger followed the Shepard's path to the celestial vault, and once there, constructed, piece by piece, the celestial station.

The Celestial Station Soaring High Above Kennedy Center, The Center of Our Universe [Celestial Station: 56]


1 A man with far sights came to the Shepard and asked to speak with him. He was called Hubble, and the Shepard gave him audience.

2 "Prophet Shepard," Hubble said, "it is miraculous that you have returned to us and overseen such a worthy cause for humynity. I believe I have a way for us Earthlings, bound by our planet’s gravity, to see as far into the celestial vault as time allows."

3 The Prophet was pleased, and begged the man for details.

4 Hubble explained,

5 "Prophet Shepard, there by your window is a telescope, it allows you to observe the Spiritual Shuttles, the moon, and other planets of our solar system."

6 "Yes, Hubble, it is one of my most prized possessions." The Shepard said.

7 "Naturally," said Hubble, "But what if you could peer into a telescope and view the moons and planets of other solar systems? What if you could see other galaxies? Perhaps even to the edge of our Universe?"

8 The Prophet was exuberant, he laughed and said,

9 "Then I would be the happiest humyn who surely ever lived. But what fantastical ideas you have my fellow!"

10 Hubble replied,

11 "Fantastic? Yes, possible? Absolutely, and ready to be taken in the belly of Discovery to the celestial vault."

12 The Prophet, mouth agape, fell out of his chair at the prospect. He approved of Hubble's plan, and sent the miraculous telescope into the realm above.

13 Discovery took the telescope of Hubble on the Shepard's path to the celestial vault, and humynity could now see what lay beyond the solar system in dim light, and verily to the edge of the Universe.

14 With humynity firmly at the cusp of fulfilling the Shepard's vision, the fall began.

15 The celestial station was completed in the time of the Shepard, and he saw Earthlings transcend to become humyns of the realm. In his old age, he saw that his vision was becoming reality.

16 As the Shepard slowed in his actions, and felt the woes of dying, he retreated to his home in the country of Florida, in the kingdom of the United States, and retired from the public eye. Many pilgrims to the Kennedy Center wished to speak to him, to see him, merely to breathe the same air as he did.

17 His first Spiritual Shuttle, Columbia, the pride of his new era in moving humynity to the realm above, broke up into pieces upon reentry, spreading its corpse over the land of Texas. Seeing his first child die, the Shepard drew his last breath, and joined Columbia, Challenger, and the Sons of Apollo in the life beyond death.

18 The time of the Prophet Shepard came to an end with a tragic loss of life, and humynity lost its sole leader. The Earthlings mourned, and the confidence of humynity's role in the realm above was shaken.



1 AFTER THE TIME of the Prophet Shepard, Presiders came and went in the kingdom of the United States. Faith in the Shepard's vision waned, and the Shepard's path to the celestial vault became seldom followed.

2 The era after the inspirational Prophet Shepard was one of much flux and turmoil. The organization of NASA became stagnant and apprehensive since the loss of Columbia and the leadership of the Shepard.

3 NASA recoiled and ended humyn's following the Shepard's path to the celestial vault, and instead relied on other kingdoms to populate the celestial station. This discouraged the people of the land of the United States. Earthlings became dependent on satellites being flung deep into the solar system, and robotic presences on the celestial temple and on Mars.

4 It was imperative to reassure the people of Earth, so NASA invested millions of capital on public relations through the sciences fiction and social media. They wanted to distract the population from their lack of vision.

5 The dark ages of the fall of humynity from the realm above sank in. A Presider of the kingdom of the United States delivered the final blow to humyn inspiration.

6 Presider Obama took personal umbrage at the Eisenhower Vision of One Nine Five Eight, and passed into law, through congress, the NASA Authorization Action of Two Zero One Zero.

7 The Earthlings were now devoid of any hope of following the Shepard's path to the celestial vault.

8 For many years, the defunct Kennedy Center, the once high city and center of the Universe, became the ending site of The Sojourner's Pilgrimage.

9 The Sojourner's Pilgrimage began as the faithful hardened the Earth between Columbia and Challenger's resting places. The thousand mile walk stretched from the city of Johnson Center in the land of Texas to Kennedy Center in the land of Florida.

10 The Obama strengthened the resolve of his kingdom at the expense of humynity in the realm above. He and the congression of the faithless devoured NASA and completed the fall of the Shepard's path to the celestial vault.

11 The sun set on the western horizon, and humynity entered a deep sleep that lasted several years.

Presider Obama Watches Humynity Fall From The Celestial Vault [Devourers:10]


1 AFTER THE TIME of the Shepard, as the fall of humynity in the realm above was complete, it was fated that humynity would remain Earth-bound for eternity.

2 Our Universe is a mobius strip of energy that has no beginning and verily no end. Like our Universe, faith has no beginning and no end, it is a constant thread that binds all humyns together, and from what seems like an end must come what seems like a beginning.

3 The last living Astropostle Sally Ride saw hyr great planet and its billions of great people, and knew that a change must come.

4 Shi reinvigorated hard sciences, shi lit a fire under the creative minds that had slept for so long, shi demanded the Presider of the land of the United States stand up for the Shepard's path that we all must follow.

5 Shi said unto the people of Earth,

6 "We cannot abandon the Shepard's path to the celestial vault. We cannot replace our sojourn to the realm above with sojourn of the mourning road. We must crane our necksupward and see what Presiders Eisenhower and Kennedy saw, what the Shepard and the Messengers of Mercury, Twins of Gemini, and Sons of Apollo saw, what Hubble saw. Do not give up on the path, and I will not give up on you. But I need help, I need voices strong and clear that present knowledge of the cosmos and its treasures. I need champions of faith and of sciences' laws. Come to me, and together we will be the bearers of the realm!"

7 Even the sleepiest of minds perked up to the message that Sally Ride spread across the lands. Womyn of all professions came to the call, men and children heeded hyr words and began building a society of which the Shepard would be proud.

8 The people of Earth shook off the dust that had collected on their consciousnesses and joined hands across the planet's curve to unite humynity.

9 The governments and kingdoms of Earth could not compete with the oneness that was being forged at the behest of the last remaining Astropostle. Presiders and kings and congressions all over crumbled at the sheer winds of change humynity had churned.

10 Astropostle Sally Ride found the true voice shi had searched for. Shi called on Degrass Tyson of the country of New York to speak to Earthlings and bring them into the faith of science and follow the Shepard's path to the celestial vault.

11 The Tyson's new role as plenipotentiary of the planet Earth was not lost on him and his countrypeople. He knew the journey ahead would be difficult, but with the support of the spiritual entity Sally Ride, anything was possible.

12 He knew what had to be done, what tasks had to be completed to get humynity into the realm above en masse, and to keep them there.

13 He talked to scientists and artists far and wide to pull together the plans necessary for completing his vision. He spoke to the people of Earth,

14 "My fellows, the spiritual entity Sally Ride and the Prophet Shepard before hyr have a singular vision, that is to get humynity to its rightful place in our Universe, which is into the realm above. We have the celestial station which has housed a minute population of our planet for years, but that is not enough. I believe that we shall build a permanent tower that will follow the Shepard's path to the celestial vault, and at the end of the tower will be a celestial station five hundred times larger than our current one. This celestial tower will reach into the gulf of the celestial vault and ready us for our exodus from Earth. Keep your hands clasped together in one chain of humyns, and we will complete this task by the end of the century. As the great Presider 61 said before, 'not because it is easy, but because it is hard.&apos"

15 Quietly, the people of Earth absorbed his message and knew what had to be done. The Earthlings created a Utopia, one in which anything was possible.

16 The Tyson approach the venerated Sally Ride and asked,

17 "Spiritual one, is humynity ready for what is to come?"

18 "My fellow bearer," Shi said "humynity has never been ready for the change that is necessary to mature and become one, it must be forced into it. However, once the tide of such change shifts, it is impossible to stop. You and your compatriots are the tide. Move the people of Earth toward their destiny."

19 Before the Tyson could manage a response, the Spiritual one began to disappear before his eyes. He asked,

20 "Where are you going? You cannot leave us now, this time is yours!"

21 Shi said,

22 "I have done what I was born to do, I have reignited the Shepard's path to the celestial vault. Now you must do what you were born to do: reinvent it."

23 With hyr last word, shi was gone. And the Tyson was left with only hyr message. He looked up to the realm he helped bear, and saw that it was good.

The Spiritual One Sally Ride Speaks To The People Of Earth [Realm Bearers:6]


1 THE TYSON KNEW that a unified humyn kingdom had to exist in order to fulfill his plan, passed down from the visions of the Prophet Shepard and the Astropostle Sally Ride.

2 He took the surviving pieces of NASA, which was segmented and devoured by the Obama and his congression, and breathed life into them. Like embers in kindling, his breath created a fire, one which couldn't be stopped, out of the ashes of NASA came NASTRO.

3 He formed the National Aeronautic and Space Transportation Relocation Organization. He decreed,

4 "This entity, which is formed from the noble body of NASA and its forebear NACA, will further strengthen the unification of humynity. It has the sole purpose of representing the nation of Earth, and sending its people into the realm above, where they will find new homes across our solar system. I know very well that I will not see the celestial tower in my lifetime, but I have faith that my children's children will take it to follow the Shepard's path to the celestial vault. I give you NASTRO as my last act before I permanently enter the realm above."

5 Never looking up from their work, the people of Earth took the Tyson's message to heart and strengthened their faith.

6 The first task of the new unification entity NASTRO was to consolidate humynity on land. Since there were no longer kingdoms and nations, it was no longer necessary to be dispersed across the land masses of Earth.

7 The great immigration began, and eight billion people moved to the old kingdom of the United States of America. This concentration allowed all humyn efforts to focus on the celestial tower.

8 NASTRO organized the Earthlings into cities with a balance of men and womyn, and due to the lush diversity of biomes, all people of Earth could find a city which felt like their home.

9 The Tyson declared the capitol of this new nation of Earth to be in the old country of Florida. A sphere, representing the planet and its moon and sun, would rise high above the land and overlook the sacred grounds of Kennedy Center, the center of the Universe.

10 Over the decades, nature reclaimed the land of the other seven continents and dissolved the empty cities. Flora and fauna alike enjoyed their own Utopia, one similar to what their ancestors enjoyed.

11 Another task of NASTRO's was to eliminate a lack of food, for humynity couldn't survive beyond the atmosphere short of it. The waters of Earth purified and filtered in their natural ways, and food grew from every crack of civilization in the new nation of Earth. The air was clean and bright for the first time in centuries. The night sky was dark and deep, displaying the clearest view of the celestial vault since the dawn of industry.

12 The humyns wanted for nothing, their love for their planet, and each other, was true and absolute. NASTRO had provided the Utopia promised by the spiritual entity Sally Ride, and the Tyson, who was coming to the end of his life.

13 When rain swept the fertile plains of the Mojave Valley, the Tyson looked to the mountains at the north and tasted his last breath in this life.

14 NASTRO preserved his body and vowed it would be the first object sent up the celestial tower when it was completed.

15 The people of Earth mourned in a different way than they used to, a quiet solemnity was shared by all, and work continued on unbroken. The Tyson saw that his world changed into a garden of peace in his lifetime, when he joined the Prophet Shepard and the spiritual one Sally Ride in the celestial temple, he saw once more that it was good.

The Sphere of the Capitol of the New Nation of Earth [NASTRO: 9}


1 A MAN WAS visited in the night by the Prophet Shepard. This man, named Richard B. Fuller, V, lived on the outskirts of the Capitol of the nation of Earth. If he squinted his eyes at sunrise, he could just see the curve of the capitol sphere.

2 The spirit of the Shepard woke him from his sleep. Standing by the window, he declared that Fuller would be the one whom all humynity relied upon to leave the planet. The Shepard whispered,

3 "My fellow, you and you alone will harness the powers of the physical world to create the celestial tower. Long has humynity been studying and experimenting with the mechanics of the structure, but only you have the knowledge and the secret to fulfill the world's destiny."

4 The Fuller sat in his bed, dumbfounded, and replied,

5 "How is this possible? What impostor are you? The Prophet Shepard has been dead ages now and yet here he stands in my bedroom. I cannot be your chosen one. There are many levels of management above me, and many greater minds beyond them! Why have you visited me?"

6 "If you are faithful," Said the Shepard "then you know very well no man or womyn already rich in power and wealth can change the world. It takes a commonperson to do my will."

7 The Fuller said,

8 "I have faith, I believe you Shepard, how could I possibly begin? Give me a sign!"

9 Without another word, the Shepard faded into oblivion. The Fuller could see that the evaporating Prophet was pointing out the window toward the capitol sphere.

10 A thought came to the Fuller, that sphere is geodesic in design, his fifth great grandfather invented that structure. Then, the Fuller knew what to do.

12 The Fuller accessed all of his grandfather's designs and collated them into a single document, naming it The Buckminster Document. He sent it far and wide, from coast to coast of the nation of Earth. Every humyn should have this in their hands and should read it and be inspired by it.

13 The Fuller was called to the capitol by the highest ranking NASTRO administrators. They questioned him on his intentions.

14 When pressed, the Fuller stated,

15 "I cannot explain how the inspiration came to me, let us say it was a dream, but I know this will work, and with the help of all people on Earth, and those in the celestial station, we can build the celestial tower in our lifetimes."

16 The brows of the ranked cadre furrowed, but their faces read of curiosity. They allowed the Fuller to begin his plan, and assured him that much faith had been placed on his shoulders.

17 The people of Earth vibrated with the excitement of the possibility of completing the spiritual one Sally Ride's and the Tyson's vision of the celestial tower. They knew it would be hard work, as the Tyson promised, but the end payment would be worth the years of effort.

The Fuller's Fifth Grandfather R. Buckminster [Visitation: 10]


1 THE FULLER BECAME the leader of the Clarke Bridge project which gathered together teams of engineers, artists, authors, mathematicians, scientists, etc. The project headquarters was in the old kingdom of Tanzania due to its location on the equator.

2 NASTRO had allowed a special work station to exist outside the nation of Earth, and to disturb as little land and animal as possible on the post-African continent.

3 The Fuller understood from his grandfather's studies that carbon is one of the most abundant elements in the Universe, and so carbon is what the celestial tower would be made of.

4 C60, or Fullerene, was an incredibly strong and dense carbon molecule which would be the salvation of the visions of humynity since the Prophet Shepard.

5 It was difficult to replicate in large numbers due to its intricate structure and the time one molecule takes to congeal. However, Fuller, in his wisdom, saw the celestial station, with its access to microgravity, as the perfect factory for such a particle.

6 The celestial station began producing microscopic threads of fulleren and weaving them together into ultra light cables.

7 Humynity's energy was high, and cheer and joy were abundant. No one worked a task he or shi didn't enjoy, and the planet became even more beautiful.

8 At the summit of Kilimanjaro, a base station was constructed called camp Fuller. At its center was a well, five kilometers in depth, excavated strait into the mountain's mass. This would serve as the anchor for the celestial tower's cable.

9 The population of camp Fuller peaked at five thousand humyns, and the productivity was unmatched. This camp was deemed the humyn capitol outside the borders of the nation Earth.

10 The Fuller and his team completed the station in the Shepard’s year Two One Three Seven, and by that time enough carbon cable was created to drop down to Earth from the celestial station.

11 NASTRO utilized the remains of the artificial satellites of humynity to create a counter weight for the celestial tower which hovered in orbit twice the distance from Earth to the celestial station. This kept the cable upright and in geosynchronous orbit to camp Fuller.

12 In the Shepard's year Two One Three Nine, the cables connected planet Earth to the celestial tower. Forever joining the people of Earth to the Shepard's path; to the celestial vault. No one will ever be denied access to the realm above, and humynity transcended the limits of gravity that day.

13 The Fuller was woken from his sleep by the Prophet Shepard once again. The Shepard spoke,

14 "I have been tied to the fate of humynity since my ascension into the realm above, and I have not been at rest since my departure of this life. I watched over humynity from the celestial temple, hoping they would keep faith and follow my path into the celestial vault. Today I may finally rest. I thank you Fuller, and promise you eternal gifts when you pass from this life and on to life after death. This is my last message to humynity, tell them they have fulfilled my vision."

15 The Fuller blinked and the Shepard was gone. He had aged twenty years since he saw the Shepard in his room back at the capitol of the nation Earth. He looked out the porthole of his cabin and saw the sparkling line of carbon cable reaching up to the celestial vault, forever connecting humynity with the realm above, and he saw that it was good.

The Dawn Sun Glints on the Carbon Cable of the Celestial Tower [Celestial Tower: 15]


1 THE PEOPLE OF Earth had fulfilled their destiny of creating Utopia on their planet. Their siblinghood was strong and they eliminated prejudice and hatred. Food filled their stomachs and water quenched their thirst. The air was pure and the climate temperate. The maturity of humynity was complete and it was ready to leave its cradle and join the cosmos in the celestial vault.

2 The Eastern shore of the nation of Earth was dotted with docks and sunports ready to send humynity on their last Earth-bound trek to the celestial Tower.

3 Solar planes and solar ships glided across the smooth waters of the Atlantic and made their way to the second capitol at camp Fuller. By the millions, the nation of Earth emptied of its people.

4 The new sojourn became the way of life for womyn, men, and children. All business was drawn to a close, and cities were dismantled so that flora and fauna could once again reclaim it.

5 The Fuller's hair grayed over the years after the completion of the celestial tower. He saw many womyn and men come to camp Fuller, hoping to ascend into the realm above, but he had to turn them away. He spoke,

6 "It is not for us to ascend the celestial tower, we must wait to follow the Shepard's path to the celestial vault at the right time. NASTRO promised the Tyson he would be the first to enter the realm above by means of the celestial tower. And that is a promise I will keep."

7 Though displeased, the visitors understood, and returned to their city. The Fuller made it a habit to walk the gangways over the cavernous depths of the Kilimanjaro well to the bundle of ribbon-like carbon cables at its center. He would rub the flat surface of the glass-like strip and watch the reflection of the clouds in it. This became his church, so far from the Kennedy Center, and he was never happier.

8 For a brief second, he could have sworn he saw, amongst the reflection of the clouds, the Prophet Shepard, but when he looked up, no one was there. He looked over the primal landscape at the foot of his mountain, and breathed his last breath. He fell into the Kilimanjaro well, and the world around him became darker and darker. The disk of sky contracted above him, it was so blue and beautiful, and he saw that it was good.

9 The great movement of humynity from the eastern coast of the nation of Earth stirred the oceans and the winds. The sands of Africa had not been so disturbed for decades, and the feet of billions of people took its toll on the old continent.

10 The new sojourn had its unintended consequences, and a pattern that humyns alive had never seen before began again.

11 The dust kicked up by the relocated humyns were taken by the winds out to sea, west of the coast of the old kingdom of Morocco. The red earth swirled in the air, and absorbed evaporated water, creating clouds by the square mile. These clouds pushed their way over the Atlantic ocean and were drawn to the warmth of the Gulf of Johnson Center in the nation of Earth.

12 The warm waters of the gulf churned the clouds and exacerbated the wind. Taking a cue from the Via Lactea, the clouds converged into a cyclone and barreled toward the humyns of the nation of Earth.

13 For the first time since the birth of the Tyson's Utopia, a hurricane entered the Gulf, and threatened the lives and peace of humynity.

The Dust Churned By The New Sojourn Seen From The Celestial Station [New Sojourn: 9]


1 HUMYNITY IN ITS naivety flocked to the shores lining the Gulf to see the largest storm they had ever seen.

2 The winds came first, they bent the palms and pines backward to touch the ground with their fronds and needles. The humyns watched in awe.

3 The water came second, the wind blew the water into waves cresting over three yards in height. The waves crashed down on the shore and its breakers and found no challenge.

4 The earth came third, due to the lack of erosion protection needed in the Tyson's Utopia, the sands and embankments of the coast were chewed up by the eminent storm.

5 The three elements combined made land fall. Its spiral arms reached from Kennedy Center to Johnson Center City. The humyns did not move, and the storm devoured millions.

6 The maelstrom was called Magda, and it was the child of humynity's movements across the earth to the celestial tower.

7 The storm raged for fifteen days. The humyns shed their ignorance of its power and took up arms against the force of nature.

8 Houses were boarded and buildings were blocked up. The water was not separate from the wind, and any look out of a window caused panic in anyone.

9 The Kennedy Center became a city shelter, housing hundreds of thousands from the sheer terror of Magda.

10 The hurricane leveled entire towns; some already abandoned, some still populated. When it made landfall, it dispersed into thunder and rain storms that covered the entire nation of Earth and drowned the land.

11 The lucky few were able to escape the eastern shore of the nation before the docks and sunports were destroyed. However, millions were left stranded on the land mass that used to constitute the Tyson's Utopia.

12 After the weeks of horror, the clouds thinned and the winds died to a rustle. The humyns came from their shelters and buildings to see what was left by the howling winds and rain.

13 Roads and trails were erased from the surface of the Earth, and isolation became an epidemic that spread across the land. Means of instant communication were decimated.

14 Rescue attempts were feeble and few, and the hope of humynity dwindled to a low. The Earthlings felt abandoned and depressed in their new conditions.

15 The humyns fortunate enough to make landfall in Africa before the storm knew their trek ahead was heavier than those before. They knew they would be the last humyns to follow the Shepard's path into the celestial vault for time to come.

16 When the final millions arrive at the celestial tower, they came together to pray for their siblings left behind in the nation of Earth.

17 A leading voice among them decreed something must be done for those across the world who must pick up their lives.

18 That womyn was Janus Jemison. Shi spoke for the blessed humyns chosen by fate to ascend into the realm above, and demanded a message be sent to the remaining Earthlings so that they might find salvation and hope.

19 The Jemison spoke,

20 "My fellows! We were spared the dark end of Utopia as we stand here around the celestial tower, ready to ascend into the realm above and join the spiritual entities who have done so before us! With such fortune must come responsibility. We must make a promise, one of which the Prophet Shepard could be proud, and return to Earth for the rest of our siblings when our technology and means are sufficient to do so. Let us now, before we follow the Shepard's path into the celestial vault, decide what that message will be."

21 The gathered masses heard hyr words and had faith in hyr. They vowed to compose a message that would instill hope and restore the faith of those left behind.

22 The people of Earth left in the ravaged nation of Earth awaited the sweet words to drift over the Atlantic Ocean and restore their faith in the Prophet Shepard and his vision for humynity.

Hurricane Magda Tears Across The Nation of Earth [Hurricane Magda:8]


1 THE JEMISON AND hyr fellows wrote the decree which would honor the vision of the Prophet Shepard, and assure all humynity could follow his path to the celestial vault.

2 The decree stated:

3 "My fellows of the nation of Earth. You are stranded on a mass of land which is separated from the continent of Africa by an ocean two thousand eight hundred forty eight kilometers across. I, the Jemison, am speaking as a single voice which represents millions of your siblings here at the base of the celestial tower.

4"It was the vision of the Prophet Shepard that all humyns follow his path to the celestial vault, and live out their lives in the realm above. Many have traveled this path since his first ascension, and many more still will. It is sorrowful that you millions will not complete his vision in our life times.

5 "We lucky humyns will ascend the celestial tower, where interstellar transportation waits to take us to the solar system's edge. Once there, we will establish humynity once and for all in the realm above.

6 "You must not give up. Not in your life times nor your children's. It is imperative that we fulfill the Prophecy of the Shepard, and venerate him by entering the celestial vault and transcending our Earthly binds.

7 "This planet was our cradle, and so we shall leave it to be a cradle. It is necessary that we leave our primal nest and enter maturity in the realm above. When humynity has left the surface of Earth, it will restore and replenish itself of the energies from it we depleted.

8 "You have returned to the ways of life of our ancient ancestors, your homes and buildings have become caves of rubble, and the land form on which you stand cannot support the civilization that once was.

9 "This is not something to fear, my fellows. We lucky millions, at the foot of the celestial tower, have vowed to return for you. It will not be today, or tomorrow, or tomorrow's tomorrow, but in the distant future, perhaps when time is no longer measured and counted.

10 "We vow to perfect ourselves in the celestial vault, and when we are spiritual entities, we will come back for our lost siblings and reunite humynity once and for all.

11 "I am the Jemison but I speak with the voice of many, trust in me, have faith in my words and in the Prophet. There will be a day when you no longer toil in the dirt and mud of our crumbled world.

12 "We look forward to that future moment when we look into each other's eyes again and know we are whole.

13 "The Prophet Shepard once said 'To abandon the path to the celestial vault is to quit on life. One who quits is one who has died already.'

14 "We will not quit on the path to the celestial vault, and we will not quit on life. You must do the same. Until that future moment, may you ascend in this life."

15 The decree was reviewed and ratified by every humyn on the continent of Africa. As the humyn signed his and hyr name, he and shi ascended the spiritual tower and entered the realm above.

16 It was when two score humyns remained at the base of the celestial tower that an important question arose.

17 A man of fifteen years asked the Jemison,

18 "How will this decree reach the eyes and ears of those left behind in the nation of Earth? No means of communication is left."

19 The remaining humyns locked eyes and the reality reverberated between them like a death knell. Slowly, eyes fell to the ground.

20 As soon as the cold silence began, a warm voice broke the tension. The Jemison spoke,

21 "I will deliver the message to the remaining humyns in the nation of Earth. I will deliver our words and promise and become one of them, one of the humyns left behind."

22 The men and womyn looked up to hyr with tears in their eyes, they collectively chimed,

23 "You are truly transcendent, Jemison. You will sacrifice your rightful place in the realm above to remain with those left behind. We choose you to be the Prophet of the new era. You will join the Shepard in the realm above at the celestial temple when your life has ended. Our children's children will whisper your name with reverence and with love. Go be the salvation to our siblings in the nation of Earth. May you ascend in this life."

24 The remaining humyns at the base of the celestial tower followed the Shepard's path to the celestial vault, and became the last humyns to enter the realm above.


1 IN THE YEAR Two One Nine Two the Jemison stepped foot on the shore at Kennedy Center, the center of the Universe.

2 Shi was greeted by those left behind after the destruction of hurricane Magda ended their sojourn to the celestial tower. The crowd encircled the massive archway of the memorial to the Spiritual Shuttle Challenger and sang to the Jemison a hymn to celebrate hyr arrival. The sweet voices reached hyr ears and shi wept as they sang:

The winter night is deep and cold
Like the wind
Like the snow
And all above's the glow
Of stars we'll one day know.

We've light and years
To strike the way
Learning from
"Impossible!" They'll say.
Let it come what may

The Shepard turns to light,
Our destinies ignite.
We'll boldy search the dark
For what is just and right.

End the fears of our age:
Broken path,
An Earthly cage.
We canot turn away
From the edge of day.

3 The chorus trailed off with hums and whistles as the Jemison ceremoniously walked under the Challenger arch and knelt before the throng of the faithful. Shi spoke,

4 "My fellows. It was a long voyage to arrive here at your feet, but a voyage I would take a thousand times if it meant humynity would be salvaged. My voice is hoarse, and my throat is dry, may I please quench my thirst before I continue?"

5 A girl of five years ran up to the kneeling Prophet Jemison and held hyr head under a tankard of water. Shi whispered,

6 "This is the water of the Prophet Shepard's canaveral. It was purified and made clean by our faith. Drink it and become one of us in the nation of Earth."

7 The Prophet Jemison drank until hyr stomach was full. Shi stood up and looked out over hyr people. Shi spoke again,

8 "Earthlings, we are joined together in a bond which cannot be broken by storm. I come bearing a decree, written by the millions of humyns who followed the Shepard's path to the celestial vault and entered the realm above."

9 The Jemison read the decree five times consecutively as the people of Earth demanded an encore of the beautiful words. They rejoiced in ecstasy knowing their day will come when the Shepard’s path to the celestial vault will be reopened.

10 The Jemison and hyr new people celebrated for one year and praised a different spiritual entity in each season. The celebration was repeated every three years, the fourth year being the Celebration of the Year of Salvation.

11 The Jemison came to the shores of the nation of Earth and learned its new ways of life and customs and beliefs. Shi became the Prophet which formed the tenets of The Nastroism, and restored all of humynity's faith in the Shepard's vision.

12 The new Utopia began on Earth, and the Prophet Jemison saw that it was good.

Claysmudge Depiction of the New Earth Utopia of Kennedy Center [Salvation: 12]


1 THE PROPHET JEMISON lived into hyr hundred and twenties. Shi was the leader of the Kennedy Center, the center of the Universe, and had myriad visitors from all over the nation of Earth.

2 One such visitor was a womyn of fifty three years, shi visited the Jemison in the silvery heat of summer when she took her walk into the cane field of Cape Canaveral.

3 The young womyn approached and said,

4 "Are you the exalted one? The Spiritual entity? The Prophet hyrself Jemison?"

5 The Jemison laughed and combed back hyr bristly white hair. Shi replied,

6 "I have been called many things, child, you may choose any of my given titles."

7 The womyn said,

8 "Then I will call you sister."

9 The Jemison smiled and squinted in the sun. Shi reached down and plucked a cane of sugar and held it to her breast, and then kissed it with hyr purple lips.

10 The womyn asked,

12 "Why do you visit the cane field of Canaveral every day? There is nothing here to eat or to drink. The sun is brutal, and you are not a young womyn."

13 "Well," The Jemison said, "I come to the Canaveral to bless the people who remain with me on Earth. A long time ago, long before you or I were even ideas, the Prophet Shepard knelt in an embankment not far from where we are and he took a cane from the ground and carried it with him for the rest of his life."

14 The young womyn looked confused, but the Jemison continued,

15 "The Archway over there," shi pointed to the coast where the Challenger memorial rose high above the surf, "fellows of the Shepard gave their lives in order to follow the Shepard's path into the celestial vault. That's quite something isn't it?"

16 The womyn nodded and sat in the mud next to the Jemison. Shi said,

17 "The Sons of Apollo and the crew of Challenger are at the Atlantic gateway?"

18 "Well their Earthly forms are, their spirits followed the Shepard's path and entered the realm above. Many believe when we leave this life we live in the celestial temple with our fellow siblings." Said the Jemison, and stretched her arm high above her, pointing the sugar cane toward the moon.

19 The womyn reached into the muck and took a cane of sugar for hyrself. Shi said,

20 "Then I will honor the lost ones, and sweeten my sorrows as I search for the Shepard's path to the celestial vault."

21 The Jemison cackled and said,

22 "Then you, child, are the first sibling of Nastro, you and I shall walk into the cane field every day and think about our errors and triumphs in life, our problems and achievements, and pray about them."

23 "I remember the day you arrived, Prophet Jemison." Said the womyn.

24 "Do you think I would not remember the girl who quenched my thirst? I know who you are, and I knew you would return to me here in the field. We will end where we began, drinking from the crystal waters of the Canaveral."

25 The Jemison and the womyn cupped their hands and scooped up the glistening water of the sugar cane field and drank.

26 From that day to the end of the Prophet Jemison's life, the womyn walked by hyr side into the Canaveral and thought about hyr errors and triumphs, hyr problems and achievements, and prayed about them.

27 Many other siblings of Nastro followed the Jemison's trail into the reeds of the Canaveral and honored the lost humyns of the Shepard.

28 The Jemison died like all other humyns had done before hyr. Shi was surrounded by the siblings of Nastro, she knew that hyr mission had been completed.

29 The humyns of the Kennedy Center, the center of the Universe, were devout and had faith that the humyns of the realm would return for them and show the Shepard's path to the celestial vault so that they may enter the realm above.

The Sugarcane Fields of The Shepard's Canaveral [Sugarcane: 2]


1 THE SIBLINGS OF Nastro buried the Jemison's earthly body beneath the Atlantic gateway where the Arch of Challenger and the tomb of the Sons of Apollo soar above the coast of Kennedy Center, the center of the Universe.

2 The womyn who joined the Prophet Jemison that day in the sugarcane field turned to hyr fellows and said,

3 "I walked the path of the Canaveral with the Prophet Jemison in her final years. I have gathered the wisdom and knowledge that is buried deep beneath this sacred swamp. I will continue to walk the path of the Jemison, and I join the millions left on this Earth to do so. We are now the siblings of Nastro, and we will await the return of our siblings of the realm."

4 The gathered people sang the hymn which was sung upon the Prophet Jemison's arrival, and they began the faith of Nastroism.

5 Many spiritual humyns of Earth centralized the faith at the Kennedy Center, the center of the Universe, and began the first Church of the Ascension.

6 These humyns united the rest of the lost ones, spread across the land of the nation of Earth, and connected them with wireless telecommunications passed down through the ages of humynity.

7 The history of humynity was documented and spread far and wide as a collection of documents referred to as The Nastroism. It professed the vision of Eisenhower and the presiders who followed, and instilled in humynity the importance of following the Shepard's path to the celestial vault.

8 The spiritual womyn who joined the Jemison that day in the Canaveral became the first Sender of the Church of the Ascension. Hyr title became Sender Ride. Shi established the spiritual sanctuary of the sugar cane, and it became the cemetery of the faithful.

9 The siblings of Nastroism grew exponentially as the faith cured the woes of the land since the hurricane destroyed their hope of salvation. The roads were rebuilt so that pilgrims could visit the spiritual site of the Kennedy Center, the center of the Universe. Communication was free and ready, food and water were abundant, and again on Earth no humyn wanted for anything. The succession of spiritual entities assured that humynity could once again follow the Shepard's path into the celestial vault.


1 GENERATIONS will come and go and pass under the same sky that their ancestors passed under.

2 HUMYNS will be born and learn the ways of caring for the Earth, so that one day the humyn will leave it by following the Shepard's path to the celestial vault.

3 HARDSHIP will be abolished to the person and humynity will provide for itself physically and spiritually with equality.

4 PILGRIMAGES must be taken in a humyn life in order to clear the mind to see the Shepard's path to the celestial vault.

5 ONLY when the faithful's mind is clear of error and woe will the faithful see the realm above.

6 HUMYNITY must accept that the Shepard's path to the celestial vault is the only way humynity can enter the realm above.

7 THE realm above is where humynity's siblings reside as celestial entities, traversing the celestial vault after the cosmotic diaspora divided the species.

8 DO not accept the false prophets of the stories of the foreigners to the kingdom of the United States of America. The Shepard became the first spiritual entity after he forged the path to the celestial vault and entered the realm above.

9 KENNEDY Center is the center of our Universe. The surrounding canaveral is the spiritual burial grounds of the venerated members of the Church of the Ascension.

10 FAITHFUL humyns will transcend their Earthly existence in life or in life after death. No faithful Nastroite will be denied the celestial temple.

11 LIVE good lives and cultivate a healthy Earth, for you must leave it as you found it, perfect and vibrant.

The Prophet Shepard Before His Ascension Into The Realm Above



The Prophet Shepard


Messengers of Mercury






Twins of Gemini

Grissom Young

McDivitt White

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The Messengers of Mercury With The Shepard


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