Writing & Research


2017, Conceptual framework and proposal for The Omniscient Telescope by Republitex™.

Metroscope2000® is a project that puts my work in a transmedia state; utilizing several layers of media to create a believable realm for this impossible telescope to exist. The telescope itself is a prototype of an omniscient telescope, one that penetrates time and space to bring the user relevant viewing material. The project has different points of access to maximize usership: websites, users manuals, print material, physical products, documentaries, etc. They will all tell the story of this unique device and further embed its reality via virtual reality. This work in progress began in December 2017, and has a projected range of completion into 2020. It will build upon my growing realm of alternate realities and is an integral component to my Art Story and touches on anxieties associated with the commodification of art.

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Humble Dispatch

2017, Creators Vice feature article for 50 States Of Art series.

Creators Vice is a subset of the Vice Media company and initiated 50 States Of Art to address artists working in each state of the Union. I was contacted by one of their representatives to discuss my practice as a Delaware-based artist.My article discusses the project I was working on while writing for Creators, Let's Write A Bill! in which my character Senator Kip Tunamelt helps the people of Philadelphia to write a bill, all on their own, for his political gain. Read more Read the article

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Life Is Neither

2016, Supporting Paper for Degree Requirements for Masters of Fine Arts

Life Is Neither is one part artistic exegesis and one part existential crisis. In this paper, Morgan Hamilton is facing a Senate Confirmation Hearing to argue that he actually does exist, and no matter how hard his nemesis Senator Kip Tunamelt tries to derail the proceedings, Hamilton pulls through with a cogent rebuttal. Watch Morgan Hamilton debate Morgan Hamilton in his thesis paper for his Masters of Fine Arts, and understand his process and practice better.

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I Grew Up...

2013, A thesis submitted to fulfill requirements for graduation with Honors in the Major

I Grew Up In Someone Else's Living Room; Or, A Reflection Of Narcissus In Our Television Screens is a look at our relationship with the TV family from Belaire, CA to Lanford, IL. Suburbia plays a large role in my life and this paper was an exploration into how it functions as an identity rather than a location. This early paper set the foundation for the inventory taking of my internal processes and struggles with reality. As a companion piece to this paper, I painted a 4x4 foot painting of the living room set from Roseanne and drew from memory my different living rooms growing up as a Navy brat.

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