Third Living American Flag


The flag of the United States is a living symbol, it has its own rules and code of ethics. Americans are torn between flag-burning legislation and free speech. The government praises, pledges to and apotheosizes it. What if it were reimagined as a living symbol, spliced with DNA, given life? What if the flag were pushed to the brink of sentience? What if our flag created offspring, a hereditary lineage of living flags? An heir to the greatness of America?

The Third Living American Flag brings this science fiction to reality, an unknown scientific entity has created the third living American flag, its future is a mystery. Music sample Become Ocean by John Luther Adams. Sound design by Morgan Joseph Hamilton.

The Third Living American Flag


Latex, paint, hair, rubber, surgery instruments, cotton, plastic, iodine, video

Variable, 1920 x 1080 px